Pizza, in my face, all the time…  It also happens to be one of Bernie’s favourite Friday night treats.

Sadly, my metabolism doesn’t like pizza.  It rejects it, and that gives me a sad.

To make everyone happy in the Smit home I had to come up with an alternative.

Enter Pizza Wraps.  Yes they are delicious, so keep reading!  Did I mention they are a healthier alternative to regular pizza?  Well they are.

What you will need:

4 x Wholewheat or multi-seed wraps

3 x Cooked chicken breasts or to make life easier get 1 whole cooked chicken and use left overs for a light lunch the next day

1/2 x Cup of basil pesto, making your own is the best or a store bought version made with olive oil

2 x Cups of grated mozzarella cheese or any cheese of your choice

250g  Broccoli (I use the tender-stem variety )

1/2 Cup chopped sun dried tomatos

500g Asparagus when in season

Salt & Pepper to season

What to do:

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Steam or boil your broccoli and asparagus until just tender.

Shred your cooked chicken or chop into small bite size chunks.

Once you are done with the prep work set out your wraps and start layering.

Use the basil pesto as your base, sprinkle a small handful of mozzarella to lightly cover the base.  Add a few pieces of broccoli and asparagus followed by the chicken and sun dried tomatoes.  Finish your pizza off with another light sprinkling of mozzarella and season to taste.

Pop on a flat baking sheet and bake in the oven for about 10 minutes or until your wrap is crisp and golden and all the cheese has melted….and repeat.

This recipe serves 1 girl and 1 boy.  The boy gets two pizza wraps and the girl one.  Because boys are bigger.  The 4th Pizza? Well that’s the surprise, breakfast the next day!

This is our favourite flavour combination, however you could use any toppings you have in your fridge.  Left overs are great too.

Some of our other favourite toppings are:

Vegan:  Basil Pesto (sans dairy) with roasted butternut and pine nuts finished off with fresh avocado and wild rocket

For the meat lover: Bolognese sauce topped with grated Parmesan and finished off with fresh basil leaves

What are your favourite flavour combinations for Pizza?