We haven’t been on many road trips, however this one has taught us a lot.  When you are away from home for 15 days you want to make sure you have the essentials with you and that you don’t take stuff you don’t really need.

Space became a real issue, camping equipment, food, bedding, clothing, well you get the picture.

So here is our list of essentials for any road trip….

  1. The paper work – Driver’s license, passports (if you plan to cross borders) and your vehicle’s registration documents.  A map.  You will not always have GPS signal.  Learn how to use and read a map!
  2. Ultimate Playlists – A great playlist will keep you company during the long stretches of endless road.  What’s better than reminiscing on those songs weeks later.
  3. A Pillow – For the passenger, not the driver, because that would be bad.  Take turns resting, it’s safer that way. Top tip, stop the car, get out, stretch those legs, take a selfie, get some fresh air.  There’s no rush after all.
  4. Clothes for Every Season – South Africa is generally warm all year round.  However temperatures can plummet at night time, especially in the coastal areas and in the Karoo.  Be prepared for any season and you will love yourself for it.  We ended up having to buy warm clothes during our trip.  Tents can get pretty cold. Not cool. You’ll need to cuddle in this instance. Pretty cool.
  5. Padkos – I don’t think this needs much explaining.  Snacking in the car during a road trip is an essential ritual.
  6. Water – Because we are in a drought. Also, if you plan on taking the road less travelled it can come in handy not only for you but for your car too.
  7. A Flask – For coffee or booze or both.
  8. Wet Wipes – They will save you.  Ask any mom, they know.  Wet wipes are AMAZING
  9. Camping Gear – Well, if you plan to camp and why wouldn’t you, there is no better way to really connect with nature.  Make sure you have everything with you before you leave home, like the tent poles.  We hear that they are really, really important.
  10. First Aid Kit and Tools – For emergencies.  We found having basic car tools, like a compressor and pressure gauge for tires became really important.  Your car can take a knock when traveling off road.  A band-aid and disinfectant can be very useful too!
  11. Blue Tooth Speakers – Something that you can charge and take along with you for those sick tunes.
  12. Sunblock – Nothing screams ‘I spend my days sitting in front of a computer all day’ like a lobster style red hue on your neck and shoulders. Don’t be fooled, early morning tent breakdowns aren’t safe. Let’s just say the Karroo more than sun kissed Bernie at 8am. Ouch.
  13. Camera Equipment – You will want to capture those beautiful views, sunsets and sunrises.

Do you have any road trip must haves?  Let us know, we would love to hear from you.

All that awaits you now? The open road, so get out there and explore!

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