My sister Eleni and her now husband George decided that they would get married in Greece.  Taking them right back to where it all started for them.

Their story is special, like most love stories are.  They met in Plaka, Lemnos.  The village that my mother and his family are from.  It was love at first sight so much so that George decided to pack his bags and move to South Africa to be with Eleni.

On 30 July 2015, Eleni and George were married in Athens.

The wedding ceremony took place at a traditional Greek Church, the stained windows were mesmerizing, filtering the bright Greek sun. Our families stood by their side during the ceremony, I practically sobbed the entire time.  Completely emotional about my younger sister getting married and so overwhelmed with pride.

Greek Orthodox traditional weddings do not have the bride and groom exchanging vows or giving elaborate speeches about how much they love each other.  The ceremony, if you understand it, has all the emotion you would ever want out of a wedding.

We then all proceeded to the celebration which was hosted at Ammos Beach Club.

It was a crazy beautiful day.  Full of excitement, celebration and love.  Family and friends gathered from all over Greece and even South Africa to share this special day with Eleni and George.

George and Eleni definitely know how to throw a party, their entrance to the venue was nothing short of spectacular, fireworks, traditional Greek music and them arriving by sea on a quaint fishing boat.  All the guests were jumping up and down, dancing and clapping.  A one of a kind entrance that’s for sure!

We danced until the sun came up, had copious amounts of food and drink and swam in the warm Mediterranean sea.

Some of these photos were taken by Chanel and Stevo, our special friends from How far From Home.